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Windows key Not Working

The Windows key is a physical key that has the Microsoft Windows logo embedded on keyboards. You can find it on the left of the keyboard. Since it is linked to the Start Menu, so on pressing this key, the Start menu opens.  Some keyboards have two windows key; one on the right and other on the left of the keyboard. The Windows key enables the users to quickly bring up the start menu which is the most common requirement on a Windows computer while working. It saves the time of the user that is wasted on dragging the mouse on the screen. Windows key not working means you have to, again and again, navigate to the start menu.

It happens many times that whenever the user presses the Windows Key on the laptop, they find the Windows key not working and are not able to bring up the start menu. In this condition, Windows key shortcuts like Winkey + L to log out, Winkey + D to bring up the desktop, Winkey + R to open run, Windows Key + I to open Settings, or Windows Key + Tab to sweep through tasks also don’t work.  You will have to go to the start menu using the mouse.

Why your Windows Key does not work?

Windows key, not working problems may occur due to some of the PC settings including the software installed. You can try another keyboard and check if the problem is solved or not. If the problem is solved using another keyboard then the possibility is that your previous keyboard has some issue. If the problem persists, then the problem is from the Windows side. To check, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open task manager and if it does not come up, then there is a malware issue.

On gaming keyboards, if this problem is seen then it may be due to its two modes. A gaming keyboard has a standard mode and a gaming mode. You can change these modes with the help of a switch. When it is on gaming mode, Windows key stops from working. It helps to prevent the ongoing game from exiting in cases like the Windows key is pressed accidentally.

If the Windows key is disabled within the Windows OS registry editor, it will not accept a request by this key. Also, if the start menu is disabled, you will get this problem.

Other possible reasons are bad or incompatible drivers or outdated drivers. In cases like File Explorer or Windows Explorer did not start correctly, windows key not working issues may occur.

The last condition is that your keyboard has been mechanically or electrically damaged. In this case, you have to replace it.

Methods to solve Windows key not working

In this article, we have discussed some easy methods to fix this issue. Have a look at them one by one.

Disable the gaming mode on your keyboard

Gaming keyboards are designed in such a way that they turn off Windows keys with the help of a hardware switch or Fn key combination. You can easily disable the gaming mode of your keyboard, look for a switch above the F1, F2 & F3 function keys. The switched can be flipped to the right for gaming mode and to the left for regular mode. To get back the windows key, flip the switch to the left.

In some keyboards, there is a “Win Lock” button, press it to get the Windows key. Similarly, there are various ways in different types of keyboards to enable the Windows key.

Use registry edit

The registry allows or restricts keyboard keys and menu items. Follow these steps to enable your Windows key:

  • Go to Start menu and type ‘Run.’ Click on Run. In Windows 8 or 10, right-click on the start button and click on run.
  • Type ‘regedt32’, click OK. Click Yes for confirmation.
  • Go to the Windows menu, click HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE on Local Machine.
  • Double-click on the System\CurrentControlSet\Control folder. Tap on the Keyboard Layout folder.
  • Go to the Scancode Map registry entry and click on it. Click Delete.
  • Click Yes to confirm message
  • Close Registry Editor. Restart the computer.
  • To disable the Windows key, go to the Microsoft page and follow the instructions to disable the windows key.

Re-Register all apps

Re-registering all apps will clear any software conflict with your keyboard. See the steps below:

  • Tap the Windows button.
  • Type ‘PowerShell.’ Right-click on ‘Windows PowerShell’ and run as an administrator
  • If the start button is still not working, then go to this location: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Windows PowerShell\ and right click on “Windows PowerShell” and run as administrator.
  • Now go to the PowerShell window and type or copy- paste the script below. Press enter

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • Restart your PC

Enable the start menu

If your start key is not bringing up the start menu, then may be the start menu is disabled. Follow these steps to enable it:

  • Go to the Start button and right click on it. Select “Run” or press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. From the File go to run a new task from task manager.
  • Type “regedit”
  • Go to this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Advance

  • Right click on the panel and create a new DWORD of 32-bit value.
  • Name it as “EnableXamlStartMenu”
  • Restart your PC.

You can apply all these commands to fix that issue or you can call us on the toll-free number.

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