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How to fix not receiving some text messages on Android_

Are you facing the issue of not receiving some text messages on Android? Here we are going to discuss some simple fixes to get rid of this problem. First of all, let us see the main causes due to which you are not receiving some text messages on Android:

  • There may be an issue of Network coverage.
  • There is an insufficient signal from the network.
  • There is a problem with phone setting configuration.
  • A software conflict is there.
  • A messaging app glitch.
  • You have recently switched between iPhone and Android.
  • A network registration error with the carrier.

Methods to fix the issue of not receiving some text messages on Android

Solution 1: set the limit for text messages

You can set a text message limit not only to solve this particular issue but also to vacant some space in your mobile phone. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the messaging app and click on the three-dot icon from the corner.
  2. Go to settings from the list of options and click on “text message limit”.
  3. Select the maximum number of your choice.
  4. Click on Save.

Solution 2: clean data and cache

Clearing out old data and cache enables your device to receive new messages. See below steps:

  1. Go to settings from your device and choose “apps”.
  2. Click on “all apps” filter and look for your built-in messaging app.
  3. Open the messaging app and select “storage”.
  4. Click on “clear data” and “clear cache”.

Solution 3: Check the block list

  1. Go to the messaging app and click on the three-dot icon from the corner.
  2. From settings go to the “spam settings” or “harassment filter”.
  3. Look there for any contacts.
  4. If there are any contacts you don’t want to block, remove them and click “save”.

Solution 4: see if there is any software conflict

  1. Search for any update on messaging apps.
  2. Select “Action” from Google play.
  3. Choose “My apps & games”.
  4. Select updates.

Solution 5: put your SIM card to another phone

  1. Remove your sim card from the phone.
  2. Insert your sim card in another phone and turn it on.
  3. Wait for the signal. Once the signal is received, turn off the device.
  4. Remove the sim and put it back in the previous device.
  5. Turn it on and wait till it automatically reconfigure the registration.

Solution 6: Restart your device

It is the simplest method but is very effective. Simply restart your mobile phone and wait to get any new messages.

Solution 7: update Android operating system

An older version of Android creates trouble in sending and receiving messages. Follow these steps to update your Android operating System:

  1. Go to your device settings and choose “about device”.
  2. Select “System updates” and then “updates”.
  3. Find out new versions and updates.
  4. Download the latest update and wait till the device reset and reboot after installation.

Solution 8: set the SMSC settings

SMSC settings of your device should be enabled properly. Check your SMSC settings using below steps:

  1. Go to “email and messaging” and select “manage messages”.
  2. Clear the cache.
  3. Go to “apps & accessories” and select “manage apps”.
  4. The SMSC settings should be +120630004.

Solution 8: factory reset

  1. Go to settings and select “advanced settings”.
  2. Choose “backup & reset”.
  3. Select “Factory data reset”.
  4. Select “Reset phone”.
  5. Wait till the phone restarts.

Try all of the above fixes if you are not receiving some text messages on Android.

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