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Netflix error ui-800-3

Netflix error UI-800-3 means that the data which is stored by Netflix on your device is having a problem. The problem may be also due to cached data or the app itself. The error is common for various devices on which Netflix is being used. To instantly fix Netflix error UI-800-3, shut down the device, reset or refresh the app. You can also reinstall the Netflix app.

Methods to fix Netflix error UI-800-3

Follow the below troubleshooting tricks to solve the issue:

  • Restart your streaming device this is the simplest trick to fix the Netflix error UI-800-3.
  • Sign out of Netflix and sign back in. this refreshes the data and clear the error.
  • Reset your Netflix settings,
  • Clear the app and cache data stored locally. This can be done without uninstalling the app.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix.

Restart the streaming device

This procedure requires the shutting off the device completely including removal of the power. Let it remain unplugged for a minute. Follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, shut down the streaming device. If it is in sleeping mode, shut it down. If the streaming device does not have an option to turn off, then see the next step.
  2. Remove both, your streaming device and television from power.
  3. Let them unplugged for at least one minute.
  4. Plug-in back your streaming device and television.
  5. Now turn on your television.
  6. Check again, if Netflix is working or not.

Sign out of Netflix and reset Netflix settings on streaming devices

Signing out and signing in back refreshes the system. Follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Go to “”.
  2. From the settings, go to “Sign out all devices”.
  3. Select “Sign out”.
  4. This will sign you out from each device that you have linked to your account.

Clear Netflix App data or cache

Follow the steps below to clear the Netflix app data on your Amazon Fire TV stick:

  1. Press the home button on your Fire TV remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Applications.
  4. Select “Manage installed applications”.
  5. Click on the Netflix app.
  6. Select Clear data.
  7. Select “Clear data” again.
  8. Click “Clear cache”.
  9. Remove the Fire TV device and wait for a minimum of one minute.
  10. Plug back again your Fire TV stick. Now check if the Netflix is working or not.

Steps to clear cache on Roku:

  1. Press the home button five times.
  2. Press the up arrow one time.
  3. Tap the “fast rewind” button two times.
  4. Tap the “fast forward” button two times.
  5. Roku will restart now.

Delete the Netflix app and reinstall to fix Netflix error UI-800-3

Remove Netflix app from your device and reinstall it.

How to fix Netflix error UI-800-3 on a Samsung TV

Samsung TV owners have to reset Smart Hub to fix the issue.

If your Smart Hub does not have a number pad, then use the below steps:

  • Exit the Smart Hub.
  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to settings then Support and then Self-diagnosis.
  • Click on “Reset Smart Hub”.

If Smart hub has a number pad:

  1. Exit the Smart hub.
  2. Click on the menu from the remote.
  3. Click on “Smart Hub”.
  4. Select “Smart Hub reset”.
  5. Enter your PIN. Press Enter.
  6. Select “Smart Hub”.
  7. Now check if Netflix is working or not.

Xbox 360

  • To start with, you have to check your DNS settings.
  • Press the Guide button on your controller.
  • Click on Settings and then System Settings.
  • Go to Network Settings and Configure Network. 
  • DNS Settings should be set to Automatic.

If Netflix is still not working, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Go to Apps, My Apps, and go the Netflix app. Press the X button on your controller. Click on Delete. To reinstall select Netflix to reinstall from the Apps.

Xbox One

As soon as you find this error on Xbox One, select the ‘Reset Netflix’ option. This will reset the app to a default state. Try Netflix again and it should work this time. If it still doesn’t work, check the DNS settings as explained for Xbox 360.

ROKU device users

Roku device users, follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Tap the home button from your remote five times.
  2. Click the up-arrow button once.
  3. Press the fast rewind button two times.
  4. Press the fast forward button two times.

 Reinstall the Netflix App

If you are not able to solve the issue with the above methods, then the problem is with the Netflix app itself. Many devices do not allow the uninstalling of the app. If your device is one of those devices, then you cannot reinstall it. If is allowed in your device, then reinstalling the app could solve your problem. Follow the steps as discussed below:

  1. Tap the Menu Button on your device.
  2. From the Installed section, select Netflix.
  3. Select the Uninstall button.

Try above fixes and you will definitely be able to solve your issues.

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